Introducing our one-component epoxy adhesive – the ultimate solution for all your bonding needs! With a shelf and work life greater than one year at 25°C, this adhesive offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. The rapid heat curing at 120°C in a matter of seconds allows you to speed up your production process, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Our solvent-free formulation is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The excellent adhesion to metals and suitability for bonding most surfaces means you can use this adhesive for a wide range of applications. With excellent chemical resistance and resistance to extreme environmental conditions, our product is often used as an alternative to welding and rivets.

But that’s not all – our special formulations are also flame retardant, cryogenically serviceable, and high temperature resistant, making them suitable for even the most challenging environments. Whether you need to bond metals, plastics, ceramics, or composites, our one-component epoxy adhesive is a perfect choice.

SpeedPox rapid heat cure adhesives offer the following advantages:

  • One component formulation, no mixing required
  • Rapid heat curing at 120°C in a matter of seconds
  • In-line processing capability for extremely high throughput
  • Pot life at room temperature >1 Year
  • Excellent adhesion to a vast amount of materials: metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, …
  • Alternative to welding and rivets
  • Solvent-free formulation
  • Special formulations available: flame retardant, cryogenically serviceable, and high temperature resistant
  • Excellent chemical resistance, suitable for outdoor applications

So why wait? Get in contact with us to experience the unmatched strength and durability of our one-component epoxy adhesive.