What is different?

SpeedPox offers innovative and ultra-fast curing epoxy systems. Our epoxies are one-component systems with nearly unlimited pot life. Upon a heat or UV stimulus, a patented self-propagating mechanism is triggered which helps to save time, energy and costs.

Save time

SpeedPox allows to reduce curing times from hours to minutes or even seconds. Full conversion is achieved - no post processing needed!

Easy processing

SpeedPox epoxies are premixed one-component systems and ready-to-use. Compared to regular systems our customers will have no more stress with the processing after mixing.

Save energy

When compared to large autoclaves, SpeedPox helps to reduce the energy consumption by >99%.

About us

About SpeedPox

SpeedPox GmbH was founded by Daniel Grunenberg in 2020. It is an Austrian based technology start-up that aims to revolutionize the manufacture and use of epoxy resin systems.
SpeedPox offers an innovative and extremely fast curing epoxy resin. Its epoxy resins are one-component systems that can be stored for a longer period of time. The patented self-curing process can be started individually with the help of UV light or another heat source. Once started, the process continues and nothing stands in the way of even curing. The resin can be used in a wide variety of industries, from electronics to automotive, construction and the maritime industry. SpeedPox is part of the TU Wien i²c incubator program and is funded by AWS PreSeed and AWS Seed.

Our awards

  • Winner at „Kreativ in die Zukunft 2021“
  • 2nd Place at Genius Award 2021 in the category „Ingenious Research & Development“Winner at „Kreativ in die Zukunft 2021“
  • 25th Place in the Top 100 at the GEWINN Wirtschaftsmagazin Young Entrepreneur Award 2021
  • Startup Worldcup – Team North Winner

Meet our team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil Jackson

Daniel Grunenberg

CEO & Founder

Raffael Baumfried

COO & Co-Founder

Alexander Ricke

CTO & Co-Founder

Simon Wendelin

CFO & Co-Founder

What our clients say

Due to NDA's we can only mention the branch and not the name of our pilot-customers.
Electronics industry

Electronics industry

The unique turn dark technology of SpeedPox Glob Top enables rapid UV curing of black epoxy resins within seconds at room temperature.

Medical technology

Medical technology

Preliminary studies with SpeedPox technology have shown that our production cycles can be reduced to a few seconds instead of 20 minutes.

Harsh Environments

Harsh Environments

Through SpeedPox's technology it is now possible to cure epoxy resin underwater which opens completely new business opportunities.

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