Our Team

Photo Credits: SpeedPox GmbH
from left to right: Simon Wendelin, Alexander Ricke, Raffael Baumfried, Daniel Grunenberg

Our Founders

The team consists of founder Daniel Grunenberg, Raffael Baumfried, Alexander Ricke and Simon Wendelin.
Daniel Grunenberg is the founder and CEO and responsible for business development and sales as well as project management. Mr. Grunenberg has extensive experience on the technology as he was already part of the FFG Fellowship „CURRATEC“, the predecessor project of SpeedPox GmbH, in the course of his doctoral studies with focus on „polymer chemistry“ at the TU Vienna.

Raffael Baumfried, with his application-related technical-chemical background, is the perfect COO of SpeedPox. His main tasks are to set up pilot production, quality control, build and document processes and organize the supply chain. Raffael was also the first employee after SpeedPox has been founded and also gained experience with the technology back in Curratec’s days at the Vienna University of Technology.

Alexander Ricke is the CTO of SpeedPox and since completing his PhD at the Technological University of Vienna in the field of material development for 3D printing, his focus has primarily been on technical product development, laboratory personnel, test plans and setups as well as ongoing competitor analysis including IP management. Alexander too, has already gained extensive experience in the technology in the course of his doctorate in Prof. Liska’s research group.

Simon Wendelin has been on board as CFO and investor since May 2021. With his background in business law he is responsible for financial planning, investment planning, marketing, human resources and supports with legal and business issues. Mr. Wendelin is a scion of an Upper Austrian entrepreneurial family and is active in various supervisory bodies in addition to his duties at SpeedPox.

Hi I am Daniel and the founder and CEO of SpeedPox. I am mainly responsible for business development, project management and sales.

About Me – Daniel

I am Daniel Grunenberg, 34 years old and the founder and CEO of SpeedPox.
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Reutlingen University in 2012. During my bachelor’s thesis at Evonik Industries AG in Darmstadt, I have already gained my first industrial experience in the plastics sector. For my master’s degree in Polymer Science, I moved to the Universities of Marburg and Bayreuth and spent a research stay at the Technion in Haifa, Israel. Since 2015, I was part of Prof. Robert Liska’s workgroup at Technische Universität Wien, pursuing my PhD in photopolymer chemistry and additive manufacturing. My profound expertise in polymer chemistry and plastics processing combined with my extensive KnowHow of the SpeedPox technology helps me to push SpeedPox into novel markets and applications.

My name is Alex and I am the CTO of SpeedPox. I am responsible for our product development, laboratory and IP management.

About Me – Alex

I am Alexander Ricke, 30 years old and the CTO of SpeedPox. As a chemist at heart with a passion for business, I joined SpeedPox as a Co-Founder to be a part of reinventing epoxy resins. My work at SpeedPox as CTO is nothing short of leading a chemical revolution in the epoxy industry! I am driving our technological development and look forward to bring our most recent products to markets. I hold a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s in organic chemistry, and soon a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry. This diverse scientific background helps me to assess problems from different angles and finding creative solutions for our customers.

My name is Raffael and I am the COO of SpeedPox. I am responsible for our pilot production, quality control and setting up our supply chain.

About Me – Raffael

My name is Raffael Baumfried and I am a 30 year old Chemist from Vienna. I did both my Bachelor and Master at TU Wien. Before that I finished the HTL

Hello I am Simon and since May 2021 I am the CFO of SpeedPox and responsible for finances, legal, marketing and HR.

About Me – Simon

Hi, I am Simon Wendelin and the 32 year old CFO of SpeedPox.
I am a versatile and experienced manager particularly spezialized in finance, circular economy, plastics recycling, Mergers & Acquisitions and the Austrian startup ecosystem.
In my current role as CFO of SpeedPox an epoxy market revolutionizing startup based out of Seyring, Austria I am responsible for finances, legal, marketing and HR. My goal is to find, recruit, retain and enable the brightest minds to push SpeedPox to the next level.
Furthermore since 2018 I am a member of the supervisory board at EREMA Group the world market leader for plastics recycling machinery. This position gives me deep insight and understanding of the worldwide development of the plastics recycling industry and circular economy in general.
The honorary board position at WorldVision Austria completes my profile with focus on the poorest of the poor, namely children in developing countries. The Austrian entity is a support office that raises funds and manages child sponsorships for field offices all around the world. With this I focus on giving back to the community.