Automotive industry

Revolutionary epoxy resins for Automotive Electronics: SpeedPox ensures optimal solutions.

The advantage of epoxy adhesives and encapsulants are undeniable. They can remarkably adhere to a wide range of materials, offering exceptional resilience against chemicals and extreme temperature fluctuations. As a result, bonding and encapsulation with epoxies have become a preferred method, especially in automotive electronics. This field requires secure and permanent bonding for delicate components such as camera and pressure sensors, as well as intricate contact wires in drive and control systems.

To meet the exact demands of automotive electronics, SpeedPox adhesives, potting compounds, and encapsulants have been developed. These cutting-edge solutions are precisely engineered to cater to the industry’s unique requirements. With their exceptional properties, SpeedPox products are ideally suited for tasks involving reliable and durable bonding in automotive electronics.

Our products are suitable for various applications, including:

  • Adhesives for electric motors and batteries
  • Adhesives and sealants for control units and plugs
  • Adhesives for cameras
  • Adhesives for radar, ultrasonic, and LIDAR sensors
  • Encapsulation of sensors
  • LED packaging
  • Interior finish

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