SpeedPox epoxy technology offers a variety of advantages, if compared to conventional bulk curing. One-Component systems are used, showing pot lives of months or up to years in comparison to conventional two-component systems, which need to be mixed in an additional step and processed immediately after application. Furthermore, energy-consuming infrastructure for thermal curing (large furnaces and presses) become redundant, enabling a valuable and ecofriendly alternative for the processing of cast resins, etc…


SpeedPox systems can also be formulated with very high filler content. This leads to powder-like solids that can be processed using hot press machines. The combination of a very long processing window (even at elevated temperatures) and up to a 1000x faster cycle times are unmet in the market.


SpeedPox resins can be combined with different fibers (carbon, glass, aramide, …) to form fiber composites, which are mainly used in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industry. Especially for large parts, the energy and time savings from using SpeedPox’s innovative technology instead of conventional thermal curing can be enormous.


Particle filled composites, which find its use in building & construction and electronics, can be easily produced on demand, either on-site or off-site. These materials feature high abrasion resistance and a long life span. From conductive adhesives to insulating potting systems – anything is possible with SpeedPox’s technology. In high-tech automation our fast curing systems can offer enormous benefits regarding cycle times and easy processing.


Curing under rough conditions (e.g. in sewer renovation, repair of bridge piles and dams, boat repairs etc.) can be very challenging using conventional techniques and equipment. SpeedPox technology enables curing even underwater and therefore brings a revolution to the field of on-site curing applications making renovation during ongoing operation possible.