About us

SpeedPox® offers innovative and ultra-fast curing epoxy resins. Our epoxies are one-component systems with practically unlimited pot life at room temperature. Upon heat or UV stimulus, a patented self-propagating mechanism is triggered which helps to save up to 99% of time and energy
compared to conventional epoxy curing systems. Instead of several hours in an autoclave, we enable
curing within seconds!

Our technology can potentially also be used for composite parts (fillers, fiber reinforced plastics) and even works underwater. Due to the novel polymer network architecture, SpeedPox® offers improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to state of the art anhydride hardeners. No post processing is necessary, as we directly reach full conversion after our curing process.

Potential applications range from automotive, aerospace, sports & leisure, building & construction,
wind turbines, marine and electronics to any kind of quick repair kits.
SpeedPox GmbH has been founded in September 2020 and has its headquarters close to Vienna, Austria.

Our IP is protected by a granted international patent (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Turkey) and the registered wordmark “SpeedPox®”.

SpeedPox is part of the TU Wien i²c incubator program and is funded by AWS PreSeed and AWS Seed.


After several years of basic research (2012-2018) at the Vienna University of Technology and filing of the patent, the technology was brought closer to industrial maturity as part of the FFG Spin-off Fellowship „Curratec“ (Figure 1).

Figure 1

After the end of the fellowship, one of the fellows, Daniel Grunenberg, decided to start the journey of being self-employed. He applied for funding from AWS PreSeed and founded SpeedPox as a successor project from Curratec. From the very beginning, projects have already been carried out with selected pilot customers and the industrialization of the the technology has been driven forward since then.