Introducing the new and patented SpeedPox technology, which has overcome the limitations and issues commonly found in current epoxy systems available on the market. Say goodbye to the need for meticulous mixing of two components in precise ratios, limited processing time, and final oven curing to achieve optimal mechanical properties. With SpeedPox, these hurdles are a thing of the past.

Experience the convenience of SpeedPox, offering a reliable 1-component system that is readily usable at all times, eliminating the need for any error-prone mixing process. Our resins are specially formulated to be storage-stable at room temperature, providing almost infinite pot and processing time, effectively rendering any time pressure a thing of the past.

Introducing our revolutionary „Curing on Demand“ technology that allows you to decide exactly when you want to cure your material. How does it work? Our cutting-edge technology triggers the curing process with a UV light or heat impulse, generating a heat-driven curing wave within the material. This results in an exceptionally fast curing process, eliminating the need for final oven curing. With our „Curing on Demand“ technology, you can enjoy incredible time and energy savings of over 99%. Check out our video to witness the magic of our curing process.

UV-curing of 10×10 cm „X“ form with the patented SpeedPox technology

Traditional fast-curing UV resin systems come with significant limitations, such as the inability to cure the material in areas where the light cannot penetrate or reach, including undercuts in the component geometry, fillers, or even the layer thickness of the material itself. But with SpeedPox technology, the possibilities are without limits. Our technology enables curing in any area, including underwater – an unthinkable feat with conventional methods. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the boundless potential of our high tech epoxy resin.

SpeedPox technology is not based on conventional amine or anhydride hardeners. Our hardener chemistry is much less harmful and using personal protective equipment is almost obsolete. Furthermore, our chemicals are added in a lower proportion, which automatically allows a higher content of bio-based epoxy resins. By resusing unused resin (unthinkable with current solutions) due to our longer pot life at room temperature, it is possible to greatly decrease the amount of wastematerial generated. The highly efficient curing mechanism can save a vast amount of resources in terms of energy and time, contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.